David Bailey’s poetry is an invitation to return to the simple wonder of being here. By lifting the curtain of the ordinary from both the inner and outer terrain, his poems offer an opportunity to take a fresh glance at the heart of each moment.

Upon graduating from Principia College with a degree in Creative Writing and Philosophy, David spent the next three years living abroad, mostly in India and Nepal. There he discovered a rich corollary between the expression of poetry and the inquiry into existential questions such as, “Who and what am I?”

After traveling, he found a home in Inverness, California, where he lives with his partner Amelia and their daughter Rowan. His first book of poetry Journeywork is available from Mount Vision Press.

At this time, David feels that there has never been a greater need for what poetry can offer, in its power to remind us of our shared experience and to invite us to feel the earth beneath our feet as home.


David Bailey’s poems elevate with a wry language of pilgrimage to what is our closest friend: the eternal Now. With its Debussy echoes and elegantly articulated thoughts, he traverses a kind of secular gnosticism, looping us back into ourselves refreshed with other landscapes.” - Sufi Poet Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore


photo by Fiona Holden // header photo by Katrien Vermeire